How to fill-in Vocational License Form (JPJL8A)

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Tutorial on How to fill-in the form JPJL8A:-

  1. Fill-in your personal information in “B. BUTIR-BUTIR PEMOHON”.
  2. Fill-in your Name, IC and Signature on “D. PENGAKUAN”.
  3. Visit any clinic or hospital.
  4. Doctor need to fill-in part of “F. PEMERIKSAAN PERUBATAN”.
  5. Doctor must chop and sign on “BAHAGIAN II and III” in “F. PEMERIKSAAN PERUBATAN”.
  6. Your medical report must be pass all the criteria in part “F. PEMERIKSAAN PERUBATAN” in order to full-fill the needs of Vocational License.
  7. Original medical payment receipt must be attach together with form JPJL8A.
  8. All documents must be submit in hardcopy to Surfine Hitech Hulu Langat (HQ)
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